I never thought to be so much in love with a woman.

Life is not perfect, and I’m one of those children who have a broken family. When you came from a broken family, you feel like something is always missing. It was my father only who raised me despite all the challenges we face. Before, I choose to believe in love when I saw how my parents love each other. We are almost a perfect family in the eyes of people. My father devotes himself to my mother, and there’s no day he shows his love for her. I witnessed the sacrifices of my father just for us to survive. But still, no matter, how much you love and care for the person she can always find a reason to leave you. She left my father helpless because he is fired for his job and cannot sustain our needs. My mother loves material things and when my father has no work, she can’t stay with him and very itchy to find a new lover who can give her wants. I pity my father so much and promise myself that girls deserve revenge and nothing. According to Surrey escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/surrey-escorts.

I have the focus on my studies so that my father will be proud of me. I love my father so much for he never leaves me no matter how painful is. I have also got a part-time job to help him financially. I like to play with girls especially those ladies who keep chasing me. I’d love them to see hurt and assumes that I love them too. When I get what I want from them, I will throw and leave like trash. I like to see them crying and begging. I don’t want to get into a serious relationship to avoid pain and hurt. I have seen my father’s mourn and agony. And it’s not easy to move on when you give everything.

After college, I get a letter from Surrey, a job offer to me. I went there and worked. But I still keep sending to my father and promise to save money and brought him here. There was a girl who caught my attention, and because of her alluring looks, I tried to touch her booty, but she kicks me. It was my first time to be like that. She is furious towards me and punches me again. Little did I know she is a Surrey Escorts and can’t stop thinking to her? To see her again, I booked her, and we catch up. I have apologized to her and accepted my mistakes. Eventually, we became closer together and still getting to know. And hoping to make it to the next level.

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